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Watch D.O.G.S. Program

Watch D.O.G.S. are Dads of Great Students who spend the day at Barnes. 

The students look forward to meeting the Watch D.O.G. Dad for the day. I appreciate all they do for us while they are here. ~Ms. Brooks, Instructional Coach

I love how our car riders look for a Watch D.O.G. Dad in the mornings, looking to get a high-five (or high-paw)! ~Ms. Humphreys, Instructional Asst.

The most precious thing is when the WatchDogs interact at recess with the students. That extra bit of attention is really noticed by staff AND students. ~Mrs. Cantrell, 3rd Grade teacher

The Watch D.O.G. Dad has been an awesome experience for our students! ~Mrs. Peters, Reading Specialist

I see lots of smiles when the dads are helping in the cafeteria. ~Mrs. McLoughlin, Kindergarten Teacher

I love having so many positive male role models around our kiddos! ~Mrs. Crawford, 3rd Grade Teacher

Having a Watch D.O.G. Dad in the Music Room is a wonderful help to me and to our students. As a teacher, I feel that the support of having him there makes the whole lesson stronger and better. ~Mrs. Wall, Music Teacher

Preventer of Tragedy, Protector of harm, bodyguard, White Knight, advocate, champion... Watch D.O.G. ~Mrs. Holey, 4th Grade Teacher

The look of awe when the Watch D.O.G. Dad is down there doing science or GoNoodle is priceless. One of those "melt your teacher's heart" moments! ~Mrs. Murray, 5th Grade Teacher

Watch D.O.G. Dads playing at Kinder recess is my favorite, especially when the little girls wrap their tiny little fingers around the hand of a Watchdog, who they may or may not know, and drag them over to play Barbies. ~Mrs. Smith, Kindergarten Teacher

I love having the Watch D.O.G. Dad visit the computer lab and help my students with technology. ~Miss Barnes, Technology Teacher

Students love having visitors in class that participate right along with them in science experiments or math challenges. Our Watch D.O.G. Dad does this too! ~Miss Sally, 4th Grade Teacher

Our dads, stepdads & granddads have been incredible! I am so happy with the investment we have seen from the men that make up our school community. They are joyful when they are here. They come with willing and participating spirits. They are totally here for the students. I love that we have this kind of support from our families because the support from our parents is what truly makes us successful! ~Ms. Zaragoza, Principal