Marigold Mondays

What is Marigold Monday?  

During the second semester we will be celebrating an extraordinary staff member each week.  We are looking for staff members that go above and beyond their job title to grow others by their selfless actions.  

Why Marigolds?


Many experienced gardeners follow a concept called companion planting: placing certain vegetables and plants near each other to improve growth for one or both plants. For example, rose growers plant garlic near their roses because it repels bugs and prevents fungal diseases. Among companion plants, the marigold is one of the best: It protects a wide variety of plants from pests and harmful weeds. If you plant a marigold beside most any garden vegetable, that vegetable will grow big and strong and healthy, protected and encouraged by its marigold.

Marigolds exist in our schools as well – encouraging, supporting, and nurturing growing each other.  If you can find at least one marigold in your school and stay close to them, you will grow. Find more than one and you will positively thrive.

You can usually identify marigold people by the way they congratulate you on arrival, rather than asking why anyone would want this godforsaken job.  Or by the way their offers to help sound sincere. Or just by how you feel when you’re with them: Are you calmer, more hopeful? Excited to get started on a teaching task?  Comfortable asking questions, even questions you normally wouldn’t ask around others? If you feel good around this person, chances are they have some marigold qualities.


We are wanting to celebrate our marigold employees over the next 17 weeks of school.  We want to showcase our incredible teachers and reward them for the selfless work that they do on a daily basis.   


Billy Sims BBQ is partnering with Barnes Elementary to help us celebrate our incredible Marigold of the week winners!  Billy Sims BBQ has been so kind as to donate 18 gift cards for our marigold staff members. We would like to take the time to thank Billy Sims BBQ for their proud support of Owasso Public Schools.