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Sight Words

Sight words appear so frequently in written material that many teachers recommend identifying them upon sight. Some of these words do not have a typical letter-sound relationship so they cannot be sound out therefore coining the phrase "sight words".  

Practice, repetition and repeated exposure to sight words is critical when developing a sight word vocabulary. The following lesson helps a child automatically recognize sight words:

  • Select 5-10 sight words and write each on an index card.
  • Show the card and slowly read each sight word. Ask your child to say the word with you.
  • Using your pointer finger, point to each letter as you spell the sight word. Repeat the exercise with your child in unison.
  • Ask your child to write the word 5 – 10 times in a journal or on a piece of paper.

After you complete a session, offer opportunities for your child to practice the sight words using both reading and writing activities, e.g. read a book or completing a worksheet containing the sight words.

Activities that Teach Sight Words

 The following activities are good ways to teach sight words.

  • Let’s start with the obvious. The best way to become a good reader is to read. The following activities help a child obtain a sight word vocabulary and become a fluent reader.
    • Review sight words prior to reading a story.
    • Point out sight words in a story.
    • Read the same text repeatedly.
    • Read books that are below the child’s reading level commonly referred to as easy reading.